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I had become frustrated with shopping for clothes and not finding anything that was "my style" or fit me well and I, out of the blue, started sewing. I had never made anything on my own or since I was a teenager but some how I got in my head that I was just going to start sewing my own clothes.

I went to the fabric store to look for a pattern and I purchased some fabric, thread, and such. I didn't have a sewing machine but I thought I could just go use my mom's. When I called her to tell her I wanted to sew, she was quite shocked and told me she had given her sewing machine away to goodwill years ago.. 

When I told my dear husband about my sewing idea, he told his mom about it (incidentally, his mom also sews) and she loaned me one of her machines. I later ended up getting my own machine a couple months later from a "manufacturing" company I worked for. 

I like to sew dresses and tunics. I tend to like things that are a bit loose and modest. I like to keep it classy.. It is the most rewarding thing to make something and be super excited about wearing it! And then to go out and have people compliment my clothes is absolutely amazing!


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