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Make it Work

Have you ever had a pattern fail then saw someone in that pattern and it looked so cute it made you want to re-evaluate the pattern? The Alice Top/Dress was that pattern for me. Well it's happened before.. Simplicity 8414, Simplicity 1080, New Look 6467 to name a few.

The remember seeing the Alice Dress by Tessuti Fabrics for the first time on Pinterest, but I don't think there was a link to the pattern. Months later, I happened upon the pattern and couldn't wait to make it. I struggled a bit with figuring out the sizing (it was early in my sewing journey). The pattern is in Austrian sizing and in centimeters and it doesn't have finished garment measurements. So I went with a medium since that's typically my size. It was too big. I made it a second time in a small but it was also too big. In both versions, I struggled with easing the arm bands in due to the arm bands being too big.

When I decided to revisit this pattern for the third time, I still went with a small and stayed with the small arm bands, but this time I did the top. Fail. I then cut the XS yoke and body with XXS arm bands in my desired fabric which was a cream double gauze. Once cutting the entire top out, I had a panic moment and thought I should've ironed the gauze first. After I questioned whether it was going to work and almost not sewing it up at all, I decided to sew it anyway.

I started on the arm bands. I ironed the seam allowance open and realized that the fabric was expanding. So I didn't iron it anymore as I continued sewing. When I got to attaching the arm bands, the arm band appeared to be too small for the armscye. Because the gauze was so flexible, I worked it in. It worked out and I was so happy that I was determined to make it work. It's still very roomy because of the style of pattern and because the gauze is so "stretchy". I also shortened the hem by about two inches (I'm around 5'3") and shortened the yoke by one inch.

I plan to make it again, but I'm still concerned about the arm bands. I also plan to modify the body/skirt piece by taking about an inch off at the fold line, which actually takes it in by 4 inches total. I also want to play around with another sleeve/arm band option. I saw this style of dress on Pinterest in a mustard yellow print that I want to replicate.

I would recommend this pattern, but you do have to play around with the sizing and I didn't like that the arm bands are so off in relation to the armscye. Overall I give this pattern a 7 out of 10.

Pic 1 - my inspiration

Pic 2 - 1st make (medium) - arm bands removed

Pic 3 - 2nd make (small)

Pic 4 - 3rd make (small)

Pic 5 - 4th make (XS, XXS armbands)

Pic 6 - inspiration for next make





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