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Tessuti Apron Dress Pattern

I purchased this delightful fabric a year or two ago from Joann Fabrics I believe. I didn't really know what I was going to make at the time, which is typical when I buy fabric. It's a canvas type fabric so I knew I wasn't going with a dress (90% of my wardrobe).

Fast forward to now.. I recently snagged the Helen's Closet York Pinafore and after making a muslin in a different fabric, I knew this banana-duck fabric was destined to be a York Pinafore. But before I could cut into it.. Tessuti came out with a *FREE* Apron Dress pattern. It was almost too good to be true. FREE + Apron Dress. What more could I ask for.

I had it printed up right away and prepared for cutting my fabric. I didn't remember how many yards I had purchased so when I rolled it out, I was pretty sure I had enough for BOTH the apron dress and the York Pinafore! Score!

I started working on the apron first. I've sewn several apron dresses with the criss-cross back before. They can be a little confusing. After I cut the pattern out, I felt like I should read the instructions first incase I needed to make any adjustments based on my previous experience. After reading the instructions, I was still confused so I decided to close up shop for the night. I figured once I started sewing, I would figure it out.

The next day, Mother's Day morning, I got up and started putting it together. The instructions were pretty clear until I got to the bib facing, which is what I was struggling to understand the night before. Step #10 almost cost me the whole apron. Thankfully the fabric was very durable, but I still put a small hole in the fabric trying to unpick it. I recommend keeping the armhole edge free (unfolded) when stitching the bib facing to the apron front. I also probable wouldn't understitch the bib facing either. Once you sew the facing down in Step #11, the facing is not going to flip out.

Another thing I didn't particularly like is the pocket. Next time, I will probably add the pocket higher, like on the bib and add either 2 side pockets or 1 kangaroo pocket. Overall, I like the pattern and would give it a 8 out of 10 for instructions and look.

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