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Yanta Overalls by Helen's Closet

Updated: May 21, 2020

I was "inspired" to make these overalls when I saw @inspired.chick wearing them on IG. This is my first of many that I plan to make. I ordered the PDF pattern and sent it off to #pdfplotting to get printed. I'm in Michigan where our state is currently on lockdown through the 28th of May due to the corona virus so I headed over to Target to buy a bed sheet (full size). So it's 100% cotton, chambray look and very lightweight. The pattern takes a little less than 3 yards and the sheet was plenty. I even had some left over.

The pattern came together well. It calls for 5/8" seam allowance but I did 1/2". I ran into a slight issue with that when it came to attached the bib facing. I had to trim off a tiny bit of the bib edges. The pattern is drafted for a 5'6" person with a B cup bust. I'm about 5'3" and the legs hit me right at my feet. I usually shorten most things I make, but I didn't here because I wanted enough fabric so I could cuff my pants.

I made a size 14; my hips are about 44-45" wide and I have plenty of room to slide them on. I didn't do the side zipper, which the pattern has instructions for if you need it. The inseam is a tad bit snug so when I make it next time, I need to add about an inch to the straps. Speaking of straps, they were a bit fiddly to attach. I didn't understand the instructions on attaching them at first so I had to unpick them and reattach. Then I still didn't like the finished look because there was a small piece sticking up pass the strap so I sewed the seam allowance further in to neaten it up (hopefully that makes sense). It also takes patience when sandwiching the straps in between the bib and the facing. It instructs you to pen the straps down but that didn't work for me because the fabric and interfacing was too thick so I basically pressed the straps into position with my fingers.

It calls for a lot of edge- and top-stitching. I used orange thread. I did buttonholes on the front bib but instead of using buttons, I tied knots in the straps.

Overall I love the overalls (pun intended.. ha)! I give this pattern a 9 out of 10. I love the way they look and fit me and it came together pretty easily. I paired it with this orange and white striped rib-knit from the #Gap.

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